Baler Feed Conveyors

Baler Feed Systems give you the ability to bulk feed material into a horizontal baler. These conveyors can make your operation more efficient than loading by hand or skid steer and allow you to effectively meter the material into the baler. This provides a higher feed rate for your baling operation. They are available in Roller Chain, Steel Belt, and Cleated Rubber Belt. Each conveyor is custom designed to fit your application with any width or length, rubber or steel belt, and above ground or lower horizontal pit configurations.

    Sorting Systems

    PLUM Equipment offers single stream sorting systems for low or high volume applications. Depending on your application, we can offer turnkey single stream systems or individual components such as OCC screens, Crossbelt Magnets, Eddy Currents, and more. Our capabilities include initial design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, installation, and service. Call Plum Creek today to see how we can help you get you get started or expand your Single Stream sorting operation.